GPS Navigation – Route Planner

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GPS Navigation

We are able to offer a flexible route plan that will work for you.


With precise real-time location and detailed directions.

GPS Navigation

You can be your best!

Route planner

to suit your travel habits, but can also serve as the role of precisely

Finding places

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Highlights of GPS Navigation


GPS Route Planner

You can not only plan the shortest route, but you can also automatically reroute depending on traffic conditions.

GPS Navigation

– See the route and follow the steps to reach your destination. It’s easy and quick.


Near me

Locate nearby restaurants, gas stations and metro stations.

GPS Locator

You can locate your mobile phone’s location and track your location. It is easy to share your location with your friends and there are no worries about getting lost.

Different map views

You can choose from a variety of map types, including normal, terrain and satellite views. You can see a more detailed street view when you ride, jog, or walk.

GPS Compass

This map app has a dynamic direction indicator that points to the device’s location on the map. The direction can be found on the map.

Traffic Alert

– Displays real-time traffic information, assists you in avoiding traffic jams, reminds you to obey speed limits, and helps you avoid getting stuck in traffic. This tool is very useful and you should use it.

GPS Navigation – Map Locator & Route Planner

. It is easy to navigate you anywhere you need it to with its concise and clear pages. Take a look at the

Traffic situation

You can find the exact distance between two locations at any given time. Our Distance Calculator is available in all modes of transportation, whether you are driving, walking, running, riding, or riding.

GPS Navigation – Map Locator & Route Planner

You will not be disappointed. Download Google Play Store

GPS Navigation – Map Locator & Route Planner

. This excellent GPS Navigation & Route Planner app makes it easy to get around.

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2. Plan the shortest route with this GPS

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