Golden Farm

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This farm life simulator will allow you to escape your daily routine and have some fun playing on a farm in a peaceful village or town.

Imagine you start your day at a lovely fazenda. The beautiful stacks of hay and fruitful fields make it seem like paradise to a city person like yourself.
Village friends will always be there to help you at the farmland, harvest the fruits and vegetables, feed the animals, and trade on the markets. You can also join the fun with your family by joining the game!

All the best farming games in one game so you can enjoy a prime position on your family farm.

Upgrade farm buildings and build a village! Your factories should be running, and your barn large enough to store all your harvest and goods.

Plant fruit trees in your gardens and fields! You can prove yourself to be a master gardener by playing garden games.

You can breed animals by buying a few cows and sheep shearers, or feeding a chicken flock.

Take advantage of the sunshine to make hay: Participate in daily and seasonal in-game events to win prizes and be the best farmer!

Discover the diamond mines beneath the farm! The Golden Rush is contagious

You can produce and trade all kinds of your fazenda products, from jewelry to dairy!

Get connected with your locals! Connect with locals!

Participate in the Fair of Achievements and challenge other farmers!

To achieve greater results, create your own farm community!

You can manage a high-quality delivery service by train, car or airship.

Your farm will be colorful! You can choose from tons of furniture, decorations and flowers to make your home trendy.

To find out which farm has greener grass, visit neighboring farms!

Get your daily dose of farming fun! You can win the lottery by buying a lottery ticket.

Take an expedition to a tropical island and exotic animals await you!

You can run a Zoo or an Amusement Park and decorate it to your liking!

Get out there and start a treasure hunt. You never know, your search might lead you to your own gold mine.

You can bring some adorable pets from the island to fill your meadows full of life!

Cooking can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby.

Start your idle farming empire today!

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