Gangster Crime, Mafia City

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Zego Global Publishing
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Are you ready for the ultimate boss title?
To strengthen your team, you must recruit and find talented people from all walks of the underworld, from thieves and mercenaries, to businessmen and athletes. You must fight, dominate and be the criminal mastermind that can rule the entire underworld.

Welcome to Real Gangster Crime Mafia City, the best grand gangster simulation action shooting game. Mafia City has been under attack from American gangsters, grand theft gangsters, and only the real Gangster can defeat them. You can pretend to be an American to visit Gangsters City. Mafia City, the real Gangster City, is in control of the city. You are part this real gangster crime gun battle! You can get your grand gangster revenge with great gangster gun firing games and action games. You can play real gangster crime games, and fight against American gangsters to bring peace to the city. Grand Gangster Crime Gun Shooting Games will allow you to experience the city’s gangsters. Grand gangster games provide you with incredible guns that are similar to multiworld gun-shooting games.

Real Gangster Crime, Mafia City allows you to play as a role-player and become the leader of the town. You can also join mafia cartels and gangsters in an open world that features gang wars.

Explore the open city, complete different missions, fight for the last prize, and participate in adventure crime clans against the gangs.
This adventure is about mafia and fighting gang wars. Each update and each season adds new missions, as well as limited-time events.
This gangster-world-of-crime game features street fights and mafia deals, as well as six-gun action missions. Street fights, fighting at night, street fights, and other types of city driving, with multiple vehicles, are all part of this open-world experience.

There are many more. Don’t wait to test our crime simulator.
You can steal and drive your car like a madman, control mafia and make money to rule the great gangster city.
It’s time to get a crime simulator!

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