DTox – Pomodoro Timer & Detox

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DTox – a digital detox app that helps you get rid of procrastination, distractions and boost productivity – will help you stay focused and free you from all the temptations to be distracted.

To reconnect with your friends and family, disconnect from all digital devices.

Our mission is

We are determined to make millions of people happy. The real world is where you can find true happiness. AppDetox and pomodoro will allow you to enjoy the real world, build your network, and increase your productivity at work. Dopamine fasting, which resets your brain’s reward system, will also help.

It is easy to increase productivity.

Start the DTox App. You can grant access to DND services as well as accessibility services through your phone’s settings. You can choose the length of your Dtox/pomodoro session, or you can enter a custom length. Choose an activity you’d like to do during your detox session or pomodoro. Start your session after you have chosen your activity. You have the option of recording the progress of the activity after the session is done. Share your accomplishments with your friends to inspire them!


? This app will gradually increase your productivity and self-control. This app will help you to reduce distractions and increase productivity. ? It will be easier to stay focused and on top of your work. By cutting out distractions, you can stay focused on your work. The biggest distractions to working are social media apps. Dtox app offers offtime for your smartphone during work hours. ? Smartphone usage will not be an issue. Smartphones became addictive over time. 8 out 10 people now use their phones compulsively. This has negative consequences for their productivity and their lives. DTox makes it possible to disconnect your smartphone from work for at most 4 hours, and instead spend quality time with family. ? Dopamine fasting is a way to avoid things that provide instant gratification such as social media, gaming, and other internet-related activities. Dtox app can help you dopamine fast and reset your brain to value natural rewards instead of artificially stimulated (dopamine rich), reward mechanisms. Your brain will be more focused and you will have more fun doing the things that are boring. ? Spend more time with friends and family: You can spend more time with your family during offtime. You can focus on your family and friends without distractions, as you don’t have access to social media or smartphones.

Premium Plan:

Premium subscriptions allow us to spend more time and effort in developing DTox, and get it into the hands of thousands. We ask you to upgrade to premium if you are getting the most out of DTox. Other important permissions required by the app: -Accessibility services : This app uses the accessibility service permission (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE) in order to prevent accessing distracting apps. Don’t waste any more of your precious time. Get your dopamine fasting and digital detox now! Start a pomodoro or digital detox session today!

How to install DTox – Pomodoro Timer & Detox app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download DTox – Pomodoro Timer & Detox from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.