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The best document scanner app for scanning documents in high quality PDF format and PNG output. Scan photos, documents, graphical material, and printed documents are all free. Doc Scanner allows you to add photos and images for scanning from your camera roll. You can quickly scan any type of document from your home or office, including receipts, class notes and book pages, in just seconds. It is easy to scan documents by simply installing and then completing the file scan. If you’re a student, college student or university student, you need to have a pdf scanner application. Document Scanner – Free Scan PDF and Image to Text is an easy and fast app that scans photos in high-quality and converts them into PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. You can then share scans, notes, magazines and articles with anyone you wish. This scanner app will make your office more efficient. Use the free scanner app to scan photos and print any written or graphical material, including receipts, expense reports, client contracts, and articles for further reading. OCR reader text recognition, image to text conversion support with over 110 languages. Image to Text app automatically recognizes which corner of a document you wish to scan. PDF to text app allows you to crop the specific area of the document. Scanner pdf app has many auto-correcting features, including removing shadows and adjusting brightness. It can also straighten the image to improve quality and provide better results. Online document scanner is easy to use, and it’s the best photo scanning application. A QR code reader is another great feature of the pdf scanner app for free. You can scan, decode and share barcodes. Get the free document scanner app for Android and share it with your friends.

Highlights of Document Scanner: Free Scan PDF and Image to Text App

? No cost scan:

Get the free scanner app for documents to turn your smartphone into a quick file scanner. These scanned documents can be shared via social media.

? Photo to PDF

Scanner application can convert images to PDF, PNG, and JPEG files. You’ll also be able to edit the file once saved.

? Simple Scanning

Document Scanner – Free Scan PDF and Image to Text Application can scan all types of paper, receipts book pages, articles business cards, class notes, and other documents so that you can manage your scanned documents.

? Camera Scanner:

Clear scanner software is a free scan application that uses a camera to capture high quality images and produces PDF and PNG files. A fast scanner program can quickly scan documents and save them to PDF files. You can also share the PDF files via other file sharing apps.

? OCR optical character recognition:

You can extract text from photo OCR scanner apps, and you can convert image into text so that you can edit, search, and share text with other apps.

? Advanced Document Editing

An image scanner will automatically scan the part of your document you are scanning. To ensure the highest quality image. When scanning a document, you can add filters to the document manager.

? E-signature App

Any type of digital signature can be easily managed by a free document scanner. Any signature can be added to printed documents and written documents of different sizes.

? QR Code Scanner

Document Scanner – Free Scan PDF and Image to Text Application also includes a QR code reader that allows you to automatically recognize any type QR & Barcode.

Permission Overview

1. Storage: To store documents on your smartphone, Document Scanner requires permission. 2. Camera: To scan documents with the scanner app, you must have permission.

How to install Document Scanner - Scan PDF & Image to Text app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Document Scanner - Scan PDF & Image to Text from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.