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Athul Krishna A
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Digital Detox Dragons is a pomodoro and DnD-style RPG game. You can improve your life by detoxing from your smartphone and leveling up in the game to defeat dragons. You can embark on epic quests and defeat hordes. All the while, you will be able to focus better and perform your daily tasks more efficiently. This combination of the scientifically proven Pomodoro Technique and effective gamification gives you the ultimate productivity gamification application!

You will start as a novice level 1, fighting for survival against rats, and then you’ll become a fierce level 100 warrior fighting against Kings and Dragons. Detox the fun and easy way! The DnD method. The DDD Way.

Digital Detox Dragons is here! DDD helps you to be more productive in your daily life. It also allows you to digitally detox (with added benefits like being able to defeat dragons). Click the slider to set the detox period and hit Start. The default is 25 minutes (one pomodoro). It will be cancelled if you quit the app while the timer runs.

You will earn 1XP if you can complete 5 minutes of uninterrupted concentration without looking at your phone. Thus if you complete a pomodoro, you get 5XP. You can also spend the XP under the Train option to increase your characters stats.

– Level: This is your level. A higher level does more damage to your enemies. Your position on Leaderboards is also determined by your level. For every 25 minutes that you concentrate, your level will increase.
– HP: This is your health. You lose if it hits zero during fights.
Attack: A higher attack will cause more damage to your enemies.
Defense: A higher defense will allow you to withstand enemy attacks more effectively.
Speed: A higher speed will give you more chances to strike first and cause additional damage to your enemies.
Capacity: This is the maximum amount of charges you can bring to an attack. This will be explained later.
You can also customize your character by clicking on the settings tab. Also, you can access your app settings from that tab.

It is possible to see the bottom of your enemy. Level increases the strength of enemies. The goal is to defeat the Dragon King. To start the fight, press the Begin button. Rounds are the basis of fights. You have four options in each round:
Attack – You attack your enemy aggressively. Inflicts severe damage on the opponent. Your defense against an opponent’s attack will be weakened.
– Protect – You adopt a cautious approach when attacking your enemy. You are more effective in defending against an opponent’s attack, but also do less damage.
Charge – You can charge yourself to make a stronger attack the next move. You deal no damage to your opponent and your defense is slightly decreased.
Yield – You have the option to quit fighting and start over again.
These two colored bars indicate the HP available to you and your opponent for each round. Below that is the charge you have.
Capacity stat limits the number of charges that you can keep. All of your available charges will be used to do severe damage to the enemy when Attack is chosen. The decision to defend with charges is not a cost-saving move. It simply allows you to continue your normal defense.
To get to the next level, bring your enemy’s HP down to zero!

All the best!

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