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Detox your body to make it healthier and more fit with these worldwide detox recipes. The Detox Diet Plan encourages the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and spices. This helps to eliminate toxins from your bloodstream with the help Micronutrients, Antioxidants and makes you healthy. This Detox Drinks App will boost your immune system and make you less susceptible to Microbial or Bacterial infections. Our Detox Drinks, Detox Smoothie Recipes and other Detox Foods will help you lose weight in a simple, step-by-step way.

The following categories are available for Detox Diet Antimicrobial toxin-free Healthy Drinks Recipes and Weight Loss Plan (Lose Belly Fat):

Taste Buds – Sweet and Sour, Spicy, Spicy, Tangy, and More
Courses – Salad, Anti-pasto, Entrees, Accompaniment, Side, Beverage, and More
Cooking Type: Boil, Steam Bake, Roast, and More.
Appliances – Pans, Ovens, Cookers, and Many More for You to Experiment With

The following are the application features of Immunity Booster Detox Recipes and Micronutrients rich Detox Diet recipes:

Find out what you’re cooking by looking at the nutritional information for all Detox recipes as well as all ingredients. Learn about the nutritional profile and calorie count of Detox foods.

You can cook “hands-free” by listening to ChefChili speak commands.

TurboSearch(sm), a search engine that allows you to find desired detox plans by type of diet, tastebud, course, eating time, and many other filters.

Lookup by – Search for detox recipes based on their names or main ingredient.

Shopping List – Add all ingredients or select items to your shopping list.

Filter – To personalize your search based on taste, allergies or diet preferences.

EduBank(sm). Bookmark your favorite detox plans and lose weight fast.

Ingredient Benefits – Know the benefits of your ingredients.

Cook with – Make a detox meal plan using ingredients you have in your kitchen.

Fitness Tracker – BMI calculator, calories burned, water intake, sleeping activity, daily activity, step tracker. Do you eat healthy, but not reaching your goals? To help you keep track of your daily activities and body intakes, download this comprehensive guide. Find out what is causing you to be unable to achieve your health goals.

Calculator BMI – calculate your body mass index, and determine the category of your body.
Calories burned – sync with our app to see how many calories you’ve burned.
Track your workouts and set goals with the Workout Tracker.
Step tracker – sync daily steps with our step tracker

For a better you, try Meditation or Yoga with us!

Dynamic Serving – Choose the size of your detox food and determine how many of each ingredient you will need.

Tips – Find out more about Food, Beauty and Wellness.

Menu Planner – We can help you plan your healthy detox meals.

Contribute – Have you discovered something new? Use our Contribute feature to share your detox plan recipes, ingredients, methods, and photos with us.

Seasonal Recipes – Use seasonal ingredients to cook and reap the nutritional benefits.

Festive Recipes – Make new detox drinks for the festive season

This Detox Diet Plan will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle: Calorie counter, Fitness tracker, Weight loss plan, Lose belly fat app, and Weight loss plan.

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* Fitness Tracker - Log your fitness journey to achieve your fitness goals

* Calories Burnt - Monitor your daily calorie burn with us & stay healthy

* Yoga - Balance your body, mind and soul with Yoga

* Guided View - Cook your favourite dishes with video guides

* Feature enhancements and bug fixes on users suggestions

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