CryptoTab Farm: Digital Gold

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The easiest way to start earning your first Bitcoin is with CryptoTab Farm. You only need your phone to get started. The app allows you to manage your farm remotely from a dashboard. You can continue mining from anywhere you’re at, whether you’re at work or at home. This will ensure that you get a steady profit. You can withdraw any amount of your earnings at any time without any commission! Millions of people around the globe are already making money with the powerful CryptoTab algorithm for mining on their miners. You can join them to earn a steady income in Bitcoin!

You can build your own crypto farm with idle computing power. Connect any computer to the CryptoTab Farm app and install a high-performance miner. You will enjoy lightning-fast income.

You can also use the Pool Miner feature if you don’t own a computer. You can build your own mining farm with this feature. It doesn’t take much to install mining software on your PC. All you need is the app for your smartphone.

This app is not intended to be used as a mobile mining application. If you have CryptoTab farm mobile app installed, your smartphone’s processing power is not used for mining.


* Handy dashboard;
* Unlimited number miners
* Pool miners
* Miner connection via a QR code;
* Remote control
* Up-to-date statistics;
* Flexible schedule planner;
* Adjustable push notifications;
* Separate mining groups;
* Unlimited withdrawals
* There is no withdrawal fee
* BTC withdrawals via the mobile app at any moment
* Mining schedule for individual miners and groups;
* A unique cryptoTab mining algorithm.

Easy, fast, efficient! Start mining – Make all computers available a source for a steady, real income in BTC.

Start now to earn even one computer and your share of BTC. You can also build a mining farm. Connect unlimited computers (Windows or macOS) and make profit from any location.

You don’t need mining software installed on your PC to start earning. You can use the Pool Miner feature to choose your preferred configuration, set a miner work period, and manage the entire process from the same dashboard. Then, you will be able to make a profit.

With a fully-featured dashboard, you can manage the whole farm or just one miner. You can track performance and income, adjust settings and manage mining speed. View statistics and add or regroup miners.

You can start mining using your computer and then connect it to your farm via a QR code. Follow these simple steps to add the miner directly to your dashboard.

A simple, easy-to-use app lets you manage your miners. Our interface is simple and easy to use for beginners. Professionals and experts alike will love the many options available for setting up the farm.

The scheduler allows you to set specific times or days of mining speed (computer loads) for individual miners or entire groups. This will help you achieve better results. Remotely monitor everything happening on your farm. You can, for example, schedule work or enable mining during your designated hours.

Notify you of important announcements or changes. You can modify your notification settings to receive important announcements and changes based on their importance. You can choose which farm activities you would like to receive push notifications and then turn them on.

Your income is protected with us. Logging in will ensure that you have access to your farm earnings and farm. You can withdraw your funds at any time, with no restrictions. This includes the first day of mining.

Free Pool Miner with one of your subscriptions.
UI improvements.

How to install CryptoTab Farm: Digital Gold app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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Tap "Install" to download CryptoTab Farm: Digital Gold from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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