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Coffee Meets Bagel
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Are you ready to give up on dating and start looking for something more? Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app where 91% of the daters are seeking a serious relationship. This means that there is less swiping and more matching, chat, and actual dating.

Over 150 million matches have been made. Are you ready to meet yours? How do you meet yours?

Each day, at noon, we recommend a group of your most potential matches. We are always learning about your type so our suggestions will continue to improve.

Are they looking for children? What is their relationship goal? Every CMB date should be relationship-material, so we’ve made sure all the important details are upfront.

While small talk can be healthy, the true connection is made face-to-face. Ghosting is discouraged and we encourage actual dates, in person or virtual.

Keep it simple with our daily picks from Suggested. Explore more in Discover or find instant matches in Likes You. There’s always someone worth meeting, no matter where you start on CMB.


Coffee Meets Bagel is an absolutely free dating app. However, Premium members can upgrade to get more features. Premium members can enjoy up to 2x the number of dates. These premium features may be subject to change. Here are the current perks that you can enjoy.

You can see all your likes instantly. You can instantly match your likes by unblurring them.

8 Discover Likes per Month: Send likes and comments to people you notice in Discover

Premium Preferences: Establish relationship goals and smoking habits.

Three Boosts per Month: All eyes are on you! Get up to 5x the views on your profile by boosting it

Activity Reports: Get a glimpse of who is worth your time by looking at chat statistics and activity.

You can read receipts to know when your messages have been read so that you aren’t left in the dark.

Unlimited Rewinds: Change your mind? You can undo any passes made to suggested profiles in History.


? Yahoo Finance: “One of the most successful dating apps for couples, according to real people who have found success”

? Mashable: “Best for setting up actual dates”

? “Best app to Marie Kondoize your dating life” – Women’s Health

? “Screw endless browsing. CMB focuses only on in-depth profiles. It sends only curated matches.” – Mashable

1. It is strongly recommended that you grant permission to access notifications. You will not receive notifications in real-time if access is denied.
2. It is strongly recommended that you grant permission to access your location. We will not match you with nearby users if access is denied.
3. It is strongly recommended that you grant permission to view your Photos. You will not be allowed to upload photos from your Photos to your Profile if access is denied.

By downloading or using the CMB app, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, available at

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