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Cisco User Defined network (UDN), an app that allows IT end-users to control their own wireless network partition in a shared network, is called Cisco User Defined Network. This network allows end-users to remotely deploy and secure their devices. Cisco User Defined Network allows you to control and secure your devices, and also gives you the ability to limit who can connect to your network.

* Device Registration: Users can register their devices using the Cisco User Defined Network app before they bring them onto the company’s premises. A user can register a device in multiple ways.
* Manual entry: Device details can be manually entered by users: type, name, and MAC address.
* Scan network: This allows users to scan their home network and find connected devices. This feature is only available for Android, and it only works when the device is connected to the home network.
* Add current device: UDN will detect the current device details and offer the option to add it. This feature is only available for Android.
* Scan Image for Mac Addresses: The manual entry page offers the option to scan the MAC address using an image.
* Use a camera to scan Mac addresses: The manual entry page has an option to scan the MAC address with a camera.

* Device sharing: Cisco UDN App allows users to share their UDN-connected devices with other users within the same organization, inviting them to join their network. This is the invitation flow:
1. Search users: Users have the ability to search for other users and invite them into their User Defined Network.
2. Invite users: Users have the option to search for multiple users and choose one or more of them to invite all at once.
3. Invited user receives an invite notification: Users who have been invited to join the network will receive the invitation notification and the option to accept or reject the invitation.
4. Accept the invitation: The user will receive a list of registered devices that can be shared if they accept it. To join the network of the invitee, the user must choose the devices.
5. Rejecting an invitation: A notification will be sent to the person who declined the invitation.

Important Notices and DISCLAIMERS. PLEASE READ

Cisco UDN (Cisco User Defined Network), is a utility program that allows user devices to register and share on a user defined network.

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