CCleaner – Phone Cleaner

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Are your Android phones or tablets slow and full of junk?

CCleaner Android can clean, optimize and increase the performance of your Android device!

CCleaner Android, the most widely used PC and Mac cleaning program in the world, is your ultimate Android optimizer. You can quickly and easily clean junk out, clear RAM, monitor your system, and much more to truly master your Android device.

Optimize, Clean, & Master

* Speed up your phone, clean junk safely

Reclaim Storage Space

• Optimize storage space by analysing and optimizing it

Your Device will be faster

Task Killer (RAM Booster), quickly stops running tasks and clears memory. * App Hibernation, which prevents apps running in the background until they are opened manually

Increase Performance and Battery Life

* Disable any functions that you aren’t using * Clean RAM

Analyze the Impact of Applications

* Assess the impact of individual apps * See which apps consume data * Find apps that drain your battery * Use App Manager to discover unused apps

Optimize Your Photo Storage

* Remove similar photos, which are of poor quality or too bright, dark, or focused, from your files. * Optimize file size with low, moderate, high, and aggressive file compression and transfer originals to cloud storage. * Delete photos in private chats

Monitor your System

* Verify the CPU usage

It’s easy to use

* Optimize Android in just a few steps * A simple, intuitive user interface that is easy to use * Select the color theme you prefer most Disclaimer: Some battery profiles are automatically activated based on the device’s location. This requires us to have access to the location data. Before we can access these data, we will ask permission.

- Much more options and file types to clean with a single tap
- A new design for an easier and more comfortable pre-cleaning review
- Completely personalize your Quick Clean screen in the new configuration screen

How to install CCleaner – Phone Cleaner app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download CCleaner – Phone Cleaner from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.