Cat Game – The Cats Collector!

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Mino Games

Cat Game is the most adorable virtual cat game! You’ll love caring for your cats with adorable gameplay and kawaii graphics. Millions of cats have already given Cat Game two furry paws! ?

Cat Game is easy to play, but addictive! You just need to collect cute and unique cats, then build a home. Your very own Cat Tower! Decorate beautiful homes with personalized rooms. You can also unlock adorable new cats every day to fill your home with.

You can collect normal, rare, uncommon, fluffy, persian and calico cats, as well as angel cats. Legendary cats can be unlocked! You can collect over 900! ?


* More than 900+ kawaii cat cats to collect!
Enjoy cute animations that bring your animal to life.
* Personalize and decorate your Cat Tower
* Participate in special events to earn cats and prizes
* Take part in contests to design the cutest rooms
* Enjoy addictive and fun mini-games to win coins
* Join a club and play with your friends
* Participate in the leaderboard to receive exclusive rewards
* Daily missions and contests
* Every week, there’s something new!


Personalize a cute cat tower for your cats! The tower can be turned into a cat hotel. You can put your interior design skills to the test and show off your eye for cute decoration. You can make adorable cat cafe decorations such as:

* Plants
* Couches
* Toys for cats
* Windows
* Dance floors
* Sandcastles
* Adorable furniture made from animals
* and many more

There are many ways to create different vibes and themes that suit your personal taste. 70’s, beach and dance club, farm, underwater, royalty. You can create your own kawaii world with your imagination.


Cat Game is a great game to play with your friends. Create shared spaces with friends and collaborate with friendly paws to create a cat room! Designing the best cat room is possible!
Even cat lovers around the globe can join you in playing Cat Game! Cat Game is a great way to meet new furry friends, and make new connections in new clubs.

Regular events are held throughout the year, where you can win rare cats or special prizes. Play mini-games to unlock new levels!

Take part in cat-themed non-stop games such as:
* Tetris
* Bubble Pop
* Spin the Basket
* Plus, many more


Cat Game is loved by millions of cat lovers! Cat Game is great for children, crazy cat lovers, kawaii fans, cute app enthusiasts, and anyone else who enjoys spending time with adorable furry friends. You can have a virtual cat cafe right in your pocket. You won’t want to stop playing.

Your future kitties will be waiting for you! Get the best cat game, Cat Game, today by putting your paws to use!

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