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Alex Gavrishev
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The “Car Widget”, makes it easier to access your phone’s features while you are in the car. The widget allows you to designate one or more screens from your home launcher for use inside the car. You will still have access to all screens in your home launcher, unlike Car Home applications. To access widget


Use the application shortcut.


From any home screen, press “menu”, select “add”, and then choose “widgets”. Select “Car Widget” to open the list. To get the widget to show up in the list, you might have to restart your device.

Main features:

* 4×4 widget * 4,6 and 8 big shortcuts per widget * Support for custom icons and titles * Icon pack support. Available shortcuts (can also be expanded by installed apps): * Applications * Bookmark* Contact * Directions & navigation (Using Google Maps), * Gmail label * Music playlist* Settings * Built-In Shortcuts. (InCar switch. Play/Pause. Previous – Experimental). Free trial of all features in the Car Widget Pro.

Car Widget Pro

Features: Autonomy for your car. The car will detect you and adjust the settings. Trigger (possible combination of all options): * Power cable attached * Bluetooth device connected* Activity recognition Actions * Turn on Bluetooth * Disable Screen Timeout * Adjust the volume of media * Route call to speaker (Experimental) * Autorun app * Shortcuts (Android 4.0). Tips: * Some devices have the option to “Stay awake” under Settings -> Application -> Development. You can enable this to stop your phone from going to sleep. You can use your phone in landscape mode with some launchers, but not all. Car Widget Pro can also be found in the marketplace. This marketplace also offers PayPal.


Use this app with caution. Do not use your device while driving. Pay attention to the road.

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How to install Car Widget app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Car Widget from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.