Candy Nail Art – Sweet Fashion

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Sweet! Now you can open your own candy nail salon. It’s time to get to work. Give your customers the most beautiful nails you’ve ever seen and keep them happy! Make your own delicious nail jewelry and show off your candy nail art skills!

It’s time to create the most beautiful nail art ever! Customers will come back for more of your delicious candy nail designs. So your customers can show off their manicures while staying warm, you can also create nail jewelry and knit delicious gloves!

> OMG! Congratulations!
> There’s so much to do! Customers are coming in for your candy nail art manicures.
• Dress up your customers in stylish outfits that match their manicures and pedicures
> There are many contests: who will win the 1st prize for sweetest manicure, yummiest nails art or sugariest nail jewelry?
> Make amazing candy jewelry, but don’t eat it! 😉
> Knit cozy candy gloves so that your customers stay warm while showing off their beautiful nails
> Polish the nails of all customers with super cool, candy-colored nail art and patterns
Take selfies of your hand to show off your amazing candy nail art and gorgeous nail jewelry skills!
> Nail lab time! Mix colors and ingredients to create your own nail polish Make sure to include the candy glitter!
> Your customers will love your manicures and pedicures!
> Yuck! Is that the reason your customer’s nails are all infected? Take them to the doctor as soon as their nail falls off.

> Yuck! Get outta here, nasty bugs! We got rid of them all.
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