Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

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You can now play the CALL OF DUTY(r), you love, on your mobile device. Multiplayer (MP) modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill-Confirmed are available on iconic maps like Shipment, Raid and Standoff. There’s also 100 player Battle Royale (BR) in CALL OF DUTY(r). Play Multiplayer (MP), Battle Royale (BR), and more!

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CALL OF DUTY(r), MOBILE offers console-quality HD gaming on your smartphone with intuitive and customizable controls, voice and text messaging with your friends and exciting 3D graphics and sound. This iconic franchise is now available on your smartphone so you can enjoy it on the move. This FPS can be played anywhere.


MOBILE CALL OF DUTY(r), MOBILE brings new content to every season. Each season features new game modes, maps and themed events, as well as rewards. Each season builds on the story of the CALL OF DUTY (r) universe and introduces new unlockable content. Many elements of Call of Duty (r): Black Ops will be familiar to fans, as well as unique elements of CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE. Get ready to fight!


You can unlock and earn a variety of icons, weapons, outfits and scorestreaks as you play CALL of Duty(r): MOBILE. These items will allow you to personalize your loadouts. You can shoot your way to victory!


Get together your friends to test your skills in competitive ranked mode, or improve your social gamer skills. Clan Wars offers unique rewards and a sense of community. It’s great to shoot with other people!


You can download and play CALL of Duty(r): MOBILE with no storage restrictions. In an effort to make CALL of Duty(r):MOBILE more accessible, we have reduced the initial app download size and added options that allow users to select what they want to download to enjoy the full game, such as HD resources and maps and operators.

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NOTE: We appreciate any feedback you provide during your game experience. This will help us improve the game. You can give feedback in-game by going to Settings > Feedback > Contact us

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This app has social features. These allow you to play and connect with your friends. Push notifications are used to notify you of new events and content in the game. These features can be turned off or on.

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Stealth and precision is what keeps you alive on the ride through Express in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere! Become elusive with Misty - Undercover Agent & the new ZRG 20mm – Jade or go covert with Adler - Dapper & the rapid fire CBR4 - Aqua Leviathan in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Join the global Ground Forces and become an elite with sleek rewards such as Park - Double Agent and the new AK-47 - Monster Crash.

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