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To use the Call Control WiFi app, you must have Call Control WiFi (purchased separately).

Are you fed up with constant spam calls to your business or home? Call Control Home gives you back control over your landline. Call Control Home, a WiFi-enabled call blocker that blocks unwanted calls from landlines, is smart and fully featured. It checks every call against our CommunityIQ(r), a database of spam callers. It is like having a junk box for your home phone.

Call Control is the most popular call blocking app, with more than 12 million users around the world!

It uses the patented CommunityIQ(r), technology to block millions of spammers, callers and telemarketers.


Block millions of unwanted calls

We have a list for all types of calls, including political calls, telemarketers and scammers. Call Control Home is automatically linked to our CommunityIQ(r), a database that blocks millions of robocalls, based on user-generated insights.

WiFi enabled = Always Connected

Call Control Home has a WiFi connection that will ensure you are always blocking new scammers. Call Control Home can be accessed via our website or mobile app.

Personal Block List

You can block calls from any number by adding them the block list. This will also prevent spam calls being blocked automatically.

Personal Alow List

You can use the allow list to receive calls from numbers you have designated as “A-okay”.

Block calls are considered spam

We will block any call that your phone carrier has identified as SPAM.

Block Spoofed Similar Numbers

Scammers often call you from the same number (called spoofing) to trick your into answering the phone. These callers are automatically blocked by the Block Spoofed Similar Numbers function. Even if the contact number is identical to yours, contacts are still allowed through and won’t be blocked.

Block Unknown and Private Phone Calls

Select your call blocking mode

Block blocked calls don’t ring! You can choose to: * Disconnect from blocked calls and hang up * Ignore them and let them geto voicemail

Do Not Disturb

You can send all your calls to voicemail at night. You can also turn your home phones off during a movie. You can easily configure it by simply pressing a button on the Call Control Home app.

Call History and Automatic Searches

Call Control Home will show you recent calls to your landline via our mobile app. If it is available in our database, we will also provide caller information. You’ll be able to see which calls you have received recently and find out the names of individuals and businesses in your area.

Premium Reverse Lookups

It is possible to look up the caller’s name for any number that you wish to search for. This feature is useful if you need to know who the owner of a number is or if someone you know receives an unidentified call. While the Community results are always free, the Premium lookup will search third-party databases for the information you need.


Call Control respects privacy and does not store or share your contact information. Call Control adheres to high ethical standards regarding the permissions granted to us and any private information Call Control has. We are committed to only using the information to allow Call Control to function as you have specified. For more information about Call Control’s permissions and how we use them ethically and in your privacy, click the link below.

- Optimized the performance and fixed bugs.

How to install Call Control Home WiFi app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Call Control Home WiFi from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.