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CA Notify, the official COVID-19 notification app of California, is supported by the California Department of Public Health. Through a collaboration between Google and Apple, the California Department of Technology (CDPH), the University of California, and the University of California, the app was created using the Google Apple Exposure Notification API.
CA Notify can slow down the spread of COVID-19. It can be used to support both local contact tracing efforts as well as the State’s COVID-19 Prevention Program. CA Notify can be used at no cost and is completely voluntary. It will be more effective if more people install it and use it.
After you have installed and activated CA Notify, and turned on Bluetooth, the app runs in the background and shares anonymous keys with other devices. Keys are random strings of characters made up of long random characters and are not associated with any personal information. The app will track keys generated by nearby devices. The app records the signal strength. This information is used to determine the distance between the devices and the duration and the date of exposure. These keys are kept only on the device of the user to protect their privacy. The keys are deleted after 14 days.
A CA Notify user who tests positive for COVID-19 will be able receive a verification code which allows them to activate the notification function within the app. If the person infected was within six feet of another user’s device, they will be notified. Anybody who has received a notification can follow the instructions in the app to learn what to do next.
To report a positive result via app, you must use the verification code. Falsely reporting positive results can lead to false exposure notifications. CDPH wants app users to be confident that they will receive a COVID-19 notification via the app.
How CA Notify protects your privacy:
CDPH is committed to protecting your privacy. We chose to use the Apple Exposure Notification API and Google Exposure Notification API. This app does not collect any personal data. CDPH does not need to know your location or the identities of anyone in order for CA Notify software to function. Bluetooth technology can share signals with other app users if you are within close proximity. The CA Notify Privacy Policy is available at
All cases of COVID-19 positive people are routinely sent to California public health officials to aid in disease control activities like case investigation and contact trace. This is an independent process. To help local public health officials identify and guide those who may have been exposed, they use laboratory reports.
Thank you for downloading CA Notify! California can stop the spread. You can help your family, friends and community.

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