Top 9 Apps to Make the Best of Summer 2023

Top 9 Summer Apps for 2023

Summer is just about here, and it’s the perfect time to explore new apps that can enhance your season. Whether you’re planning a vacation, looking to enjoy some outdoor activities, do some swimming, or simply relax at home and do absolutely ‘nothing’, there’s an app for you. Here’s the top seven apps for Summer 2023 that we think you’re going to need to stay cool, both figuratively and literally:

  1. AccuWeather – Summer plans can easily be made or broken by the weather. AccuWeather provides tons of forecast information, including long-term forecasts and detailed data about factors that can impact the weather, like humidity and UV index. This app will help you stay one step ahead of the weather​.
  2. Google Maps – An invaluable tool for ensuring your summer plans don’t get bogged down in traffic. With Google Maps, you can plan your summer trips around congested roads or find new places to explore. This app will help you reach all the exciting places you plan to visit this summer​.
  3. Eventbrite – The perfect time for all sorts of events is summer. Whether you’re looking for live music, craft beer, or the best from local food trucks, Eventbrite is your guide. This app helps you discover a variety of things to do in your area, or in areas you plan to visit, and gives you information about upcoming events​.
  4. Amazon Kindle E-reader – Enjoy reading on the beach without the hassle of carrying a bunch of books. With the Kindle app, you can download thousands of books and read them on your phone or tablet. It’s a convenient way to enjoy your favorite books wherever your summer travels take you​.
  5. Spotify – A perfect soundtrack can elevate your summer experiences, and Spotify is here to help you find it. With thousands of songs, the ability to share playlists, and the chance to discover new music, Spotify can be the backdrop for your summer adventures​.
  6. National Park Trail Guide – If summer means camping or hiking for you, this app is a must. It tracks hundreds of campgrounds and RV Parks across the US, and can be used to search for camping spots based on your current area or your planned travel destinations. This is probably the most centralized way to find a place to camp​.
  7. AllTrails – For outdoor enthusiasts, AllTrails is the perfect companion. It guides you to the best trails for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. It’s a great way to discover nature and embark on new adventures​.
  8. Schoology – Just want to sit around and get smarter this summer, and be prepared for the next school year (or your next job)? Give Schoology a try and educate yourself for free. Learn about a vast array of topics and get your education on this summer.
  9. Clover – It’s summer so that means you’re going to need some cash to have fun. Use Clover to earn rewards and perks from shopping at all of your local businesses. Simply mention your name or scan the app at checkout while at the store or receiving delivery, and bam, you just saved some cash.

Now that you know what apps you need to make the most of your summer, go ahead and read our reviews of them, and use the links on the bottom of the pages to get the app straight from your desired app store. We hope you stay cool this summer, like cool as in body temperature, and cool as in being awesome.

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