Google Bard – ChatGPT competitor gets a big update

Google Bard is now even more powerful!

As an interactive AI tool, Google Bard can tailor answers (just like ChatGPT) to your needs, whether it’s a travel planning document, text for a classified ad, or explanations of scientific topics. Bard is now even better at providing appropriate answers.
The major update introduces Bard’s most powerful model to date. Access to existing English-language features is expanded to new languages and countries. In English, Bard can now be used with Google apps and services; there is an improved “Search with Google” feature and more.
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ChatGPT competitor Bard gets access to more features

From now on, you can upload images to Google Lens, receive replies with matching images, and customize Bard replies in style and length. This is now possible in more than 40 new languages and countries.

Google Bard with shortcuts to Google apps and services

With the extensions, Bard can find and display relevant information from Google services – such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Google Flights, and Hotels – even if the information you need is spread across multiple apps and services.

Google gives a group trip to the Grand Canyon as an example. Instead of opening many individual browser tabs, Bard can now find suitable dates for everyone from Gmail, retrieve flight and hotel info in real-time, display Google Maps directions, or suggest on-site activities using YouTube videos. All in a single conversation.

Another example is searching for a document in Google Drive, for example, your resume, which Bard can summarize in a short paragraph.

Personal data is protected.

The most powerful model to date

All these new features are possible because Google has updated the PaLM 2 model, the most powerful model to date. User feedback has made the model even more intuitive and resourceful. Bard can now respond with even higher quality and accuracy.

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