Geometry Dash – mix of skill game and rhythm game

Geometry Dash is a skill game in which players must get through different levels with their game pieces without getting hit by various obstacles. It is also necessary to pay attention to the rhythm of each level since the beat determines how particular objects in the level behave and change during the game.

Level flood
Geometry Dash comes up with many ready-made levels that players can work their way through. The levels have an increasing difficulty so that you can quickly get into the game. Players can choose their own character or build a character according to their own ideas.

However, creating and sharing your levels is also great fun. For this, the game offers a sophisticated editor that gives players many different objects to create their levels. Among other things, spikes, magnetic surfaces, or moving saw blades can be added to a level. Using it is very simple and easy to understand.

Muted gameplay
Unfortunately, Geometry Dash struggles with frequent connection problems, which is incredibly annoying when trying community levels. There are no filter functions in online mode to hide certain level options and thus simplify the search for suitable game worlds. Therefore, players often sit down at levels with an incorrectly set difficulty level and do not progress.

Geometry Dash is a fun skill game with a crisp difficulty level. The mixture of jump-and-run game and rhythm game is very successful. Even several failed attempts don’t deter you from trying a level more than once. Building your levels to share with other players is also fun and gives players creative freedom. Overall, though, Geometry Dash is highly recommended for fans of challenging skill games.

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