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Bird Land Paradise, the best simulation game for bird care, allows you to take care of and buy cute birds from a pet shop. Enjoy the adorable pet world and the birds that live there. Look no further if you enjoy bird games and animal games! This is a paradise for your birds. Bird Land Paradise, a game that allows you to have a pet shop is the best game for animal lovers. You can play with, care for, and feed your pets in your Bird Land!

To level up your birdie, you will need to collect them and feed them! This is the game for you if you’ve ever wanted to pet a bird, rescue birds or adopt them. We’ve made every effort to make sure that your birds feel just as attached to you as the real ones.

This bird simulation game allows you to collect bird breeds such as: Jay, Penguins, Chickens, Hawks, Flamingos, Parrots, Owls, Owls, Ibises, Eagles, Francolins, Falcons, Ravens, and many other bird breeds. For casual and midcore players, there is a lot of emphasis on chick management and collection.

Every chick is unique and has its own personality. Players will be able to distinguish their “Jumpy”, or “Sleepy”, from each other! We will be adding more bird breeds in future updates.

*Amazing Parrots
Bird Land Paradise is your chance to improve your day. The many and varied species of parrots, budgies, electric eclectus, and other chicks will make your day more enjoyable and full of excitement.

*Magic breeding
You can also breed new and unique birds using the breeding wheel. This will allow you to have aviaries that are unique and filled with colorful birds.

*Beautiful Aviaries
You can decorate your aviaries using a variety of themes and decorations, such as waterfalls and Amazonian forests or volcanoes and mountain motifs. Make your aviaries accessible to every chick by filling them with unique decorations and items.

*Connect with friends
You can make it even more fun by connecting with your friends to take care of your birds and aviaries! You can exchange gifts, clean out the cages together and do other fun things!

*Easy for you to play
Birdland paradise is a simple game with a beautiful and colorful design. It is easy to understand and everyone can use it.

Bird Land Paradise, if you are passionate about animals, is the ultimate simulation and pet rescue game!
Get your cute pet now!

Please be aware! You can purchase real money items, although this game is completely free to download. If you are having any problems in the game or have a great idea about it please contact

Welcome and Enjoy playing Bird Land Paradise with new features!
We are constantly updating our app to make your playing experience more fun and interesting!

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