Bird Alone

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George Batchelor
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* Meet the winner of the Google Indie Game Festival

* Make friends with the lonely bird of the world

With a best friend, a journey of growth and pain.
Talk about your life, write poetry, draw pictures, and make music.

Answer your friend’s questions about death, life, and the meaning of existence every day.

As the bird faces the same problems as us, guide it through everyday life.

* Which is your favorite colour?
* Where are my friends?
* Do you ever consider death?

What question will your best friend ask today?

* Draw a picture to be displayed in the Art Gallery
* Create a poem for the Book of Poetry together
* Get today’s plant to the Musical Garden
* Massage its belly

Each day will turn into night.
Consider the changing seasons.
With a friend, you can face the pain of growing older.

Perhaps this bird will not be so lonely afterall.


Warning: Bird Alone contains themes, and discussions about death. For those who are sensitive to this topic, it is recommended that you use your discretion.

Now uses full screen display on devices with notches.
Smoother permissions flow in the beginning.
Updated notification icon.
Fixes location not working on some devices.
Fixes black screen issue on some devices.
Fixes rare freeze occurrence during poetry.

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