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Simple Smoothie Recipes With Only 3 Ingredients

It’s easier to keep things simple. No need to run to the grocery store looking for ingredients you have never heard of. For the perfect pick me up when you’re on-the-go, each one only has three ingredients.

Brain Smoothies

These brain-boosting smoothies contain foods that boost blood flow, stabilize blood sugar and reduce free-radical damage. This is vital for brain health. These foods, combined, can give you an advantage in mental clarity and memory. It may also help improve your mood and keep the mind sharp.

Detox Smoothies

You need to give your body foods that detox it, and also provide vitamins and minerals to help it function at its best. These top 10 smoothies will boost your health and make you forget about the need to plug your nose.

Smoothies for a healthier skin

Many skin conditions can be linked to allergies, food and lifestyle choices. Smoothies are a great way to detoxify your body and they’re a healthy habit to incorporate into our daily lives. According to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior in Evolution and Human Behavior, people who consumed 15 mg of beta carotene daily had a golden skin tone that was attractive to others.

Smoothies for Kids

Smoothies make great snacks for children. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients and they can also be colourful and delicious. Smoothies are a great way for picky eaters to eat fruit they wouldn’t otherwise. They also help ensure that your children get their five-a-day. Visual appeal is crucial when introducing new foods. Cranberries and beets are a great example of this. Your blender will create the perfect texture to make “smoothies,” live up to their names. Young children might enjoy creating their own names for their favorite smoothies, which can add to the fun.

Weight Loss Smoothies

Eat right, last but not least. These weight loss smoothies can be made quickly and easily with fresh fruits and MUFAs (monounsaturated fat acids), which is a Flat Belly Diet powerhouse ingredient. It targets belly fat. A smoothie can be a great way to boost your metabolism in the morning.


Smoothies from trusted sources – Beautiful photos of smoothies – Use this app to make your smoothie! Blend it right and eat it right! 🙂

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