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You can create flowcharts to help your device do tasks automatically. It’s easy to create automation by simply adding blocks and connecting them. You can automate repetitive or daily tasks such as: * Create a backup of your device’s folder and upload it to Google Drive. * Send an SMS or email when you reach a GPS location (geofencing); toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a particular time of the day. * Click on a Quick Settings tile or home screen shortcut to toggle system settings. * Scan an NFC tag and turn on Do Not Disturb. * Change audio volume and screen brightness when you open an app. * Download and display some online content and send a notification. Almost every feature of your device can be automated using the 350+ building blocks included, and if that’s not enough, Locale/Tasker plug-ins are also supported: Creating device automation “flows” is as simple as adding and connecting blocks, novices can then configure them with predefined options, while experienced users may use expressions, variables and functions. Or, just download ready-made “flows” that other users have shared through the in-app community:

Backup of files automatically

You can easily create an automation flow to backup your files to a folder on the device, an external USB drive or FTP server.


Support and Feedback

Reddit: Forum: E-mail: This app uses Accessibility services. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

• Cell tower near got Subscription id (Android 10+) and Connection status (Android 9+) input arguments
• Cell tower pick got Initial cells and Subscription id (Android 10+) input arguments
• Microphone muted got Proceed option (Android 9+)
• Wi-Fi network connected got IP address output variable

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