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What Is 2ndLine?

2ndLine is a VoIP mobile app that provides users with the ability to have a second phone number on their device for calls and messaging.

This virtual number can be utilized for various purposes, such as separating personal and work communications, maintaining a dedicated line for online transactions, or protecting privacy while interacting with unknown contacts.

With 2ndLine, users can make calls, send texts, and even receive voicemails using their secondary number, all through the convenience of an intuitive app interface. The app offers affordable communication options, making it an attractive choice for those looking to save on international calls or long-distance messaging.

How Does 2ndLine Work?

2ndLine operates through VoIP technology, allowing users to register and activate a second phone number within the app to make calls and send messages.

Setting up a virtual number on 2ndLine is a straightforward process. Upon downloading the app, users are guided through creating an account and selecting their desired second phone number. Once the number is chosen, users complete the activation by verifying their account through a simple verification process. This seamless setup allows users to quickly start utilizing their virtual number for voice calls and messaging, all with the convenience of a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall performance of the app.

What Are The Features Of 2ndLine?

2ndLine offers a range of features for users, including the ability to make calls, send messages, use a virtual number, and enjoy affordable communication options.

Multiple Phone Numbers

With 2ndLine, users can have multiple phone numbers on a single device, ensuring privacy and facilitating seamless communication.

This feature not only enhances privacy but also allows users to differentiate between personal and professional contacts efficiently. By assigning specific virtual numbers for different purposes, individuals can manage their communications more effectively, ensuring that important calls are not missed amidst a sea of notifications.

2ndLine offers advanced privacy settings, enabling users to control who can reach them on each virtual number, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind in the digital age.

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature in 2ndLine allows users to redirect incoming calls to another number or device, providing flexibility in managing communication.

With this feature, individuals can easily route calls to alternate devices or numbers, ensuring they never miss important calls while on the move or unavailable. 2ndLine offers a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless configuration of call forwarding settings, enabling users to customize preferences such as when to forward calls, which numbers to redirect them to, and under what conditions forwarding should occur. This level of customization empowers users to tailor their call management experience to suit their specific needs.


2ndLine offers a voicemail feature that allows users to receive and manage voice messages, with the option to customize voicemail greetings.

When a user receives a new voicemail on 2ndLine, the app sends a notification to alert them of the message. This ensures that users never miss an important voicemail. Users have the flexibility to personalize their voicemail greetings, making their voicemail experience more tailored to their preferences. These customizable settings enable users to create a unique and welcoming message for callers when they are unable to answer the phone. By setting up a personalized voicemail greeting, users can enhance their communication and improve the overall caller experience.


Messaging through 2ndLine enables users to send text messages to contacts, providing various texting options for communication.

Users can enjoy a range of messaging options on 2ndLine, including the ability to send multimedia messages, emojis, and stickers, adding a fun and personalized touch to their conversations.

Users can enable text delivery notifications to stay updated on when their messages have been successfully sent and received, ensuring seamless communication.

The user experience of text communication on 2ndLine is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate through their conversations and stay connected with their contacts efficiently.

Group Messaging

The group messaging functionality in 2ndLine allows users to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously, enhancing communication efficiency.

By utilizing this feature, users can easily manage their contact lists and create specific groups for seamless communication. Group messaging in 2ndLine ensures that important updates or announcements reach everyone in the group promptly. This not only saves time but also fosters collaboration and coordination among team members or friends. With the ability to message multiple contacts at once, users can streamline their communication efforts and keep everyone in the loop effectively.

International Calling

2ndLine supports international calling, enabling users to make affordable calls to contacts in different countries using virtual international numbers.

This feature is particularly useful for individuals who frequently communicate with family, friends, or business associates located overseas. By utilizing virtual international numbers provided by 2ndLine, users can avoid expensive charges associated with traditional phone carriers when making international calls. This cost-effective option allows users to stay connected with their international contacts without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, 2ndLine’s international calling feature offers a convenient and budget-friendly solution for staying in touch across borders.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

Users of 2ndLine can create custom voicemail greetings to personalize their voice message inbox and enhance caller interaction.

By setting up tailored voicemail greetings, individuals can infuse their personality into their communication style, making each caller’s experience more engaging and memorable.

Custom voicemail messages convey professionalism and thoughtfulness, ensuring that callers feel valued and attended to even when unable to reach the user directly.

Personalized voicemail greetings can also help manage calls effectively by providing relevant information or instructions to callers, encouraging them to leave detailed messages for prompt follow-up.

This level of customization not only reflects a user’s brand or persona but also increases the likelihood of callers leaving informative messages for clearer communication.

Caller ID

The caller ID feature in 2ndLine displays the contact information of incoming calls, helping users identify callers and manage their call history.

With this feature, users can quickly see the name and number of the person calling them, allowing for easy recognition of contacts. 2ndLine also syncs the call history seamlessly, ensuring that users have a complete record of all their incoming and outgoing calls. This real-time synchronization enhances the user experience by providing accurate and up-to-date information. The contact management feature in 2ndLine enables users to organize their contacts efficiently, making it easier to stay in touch with important connections.

How To Download And Set Up 2ndLine?

To begin using 2ndLine, users can download the app from app stores, proceed with account setup, and complete the activation and verification process to start using the second phone number.

  1. Upon downloading the 2ndLine app, users should open the application on their device. They will be prompted to create an account by entering their email address and creating a password.
  2. Once the account details are entered, users need to confirm their email address. After verifying the email, the activation process begins. Users will receive a verification code via email or SMS which needs to be entered in the app to activate the account.
  3. Once the code is entered, the account will be successfully activated and ready to use with a new phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App?

2ndLine – Second Phone Number App is a mobile application that provides users with a second phone number for their smartphone. This allows users to have a separate number for personal and business use, or to keep their personal number private.

How does 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App work?

2ndLine – Second Phone Number App works by assigning users a new phone number that can be used for calling and texting. The app uses an internet connection (WiFi or data) to make and receive calls and texts, so it does not use the user's cellular minutes.

Can I choose my own phone number with 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App?

Yes, 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App allows users to choose their own phone number from a list of available numbers. Users can also transfer their existing number to the app for a fee.

Is 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App free to use?

2ndLine – Second Phone Number App is free to download and use for basic features like calling and texting. However, there are in-app purchases for additional features and to remove ads.

What are some additional features of 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App?

Aside from making and receiving calls and texts, 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App also offers features like voicemail, call forwarding, and customizable voicemail greetings. Users can also choose to block certain numbers or enable call screening.

Is 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App safe and secure to use?

2ndLine – Second Phone Number App takes security and privacy seriously. The app encrypts all calls and texts, and users can also enable a PIN lock for added security. The app also adheres to strict privacy policies to protect user data.

How to install 2ndLine app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download 2ndLine from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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