WhatsApp – How to get into the settings now

Messenger WhatsApp has recently renamed the Status tab to News to accommodate the WhatsApp channels. In addition to the WhatsApp channels, the interface has also been changed.

WhatsApp – Settings are now available via profile picture
WhatsApp is currently getting a lot of makeovers. Previously, you clicked on the three dots at the top right of the main menu to open the messenger settings. Then, a context menu is opened to create a new group or broadcast, Link WhatsApp Web, Starred, and Settings.

The three dots have disappeared in favor of your profile picture. You can now open the newly designed settings by clicking on the profile picture. Here, you can access your profile, privacy settings, and contacts.

Furthermore, you can create a new group here (but you can also hide it) and find your starred contacts and the linked devices. As before, the list includes the options Account, Avatar, Chats, Notifications, Storage and Data, App Language, Help, and Recommend WhatsApp.

WhatsApp thus adapts the interface to Google’s Material Design. Also, the text color and icons are now in white font, not gray font as before. According to the information, the tablet bar will move to the lower edge of the display.

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