Waze Navigation & Live Traffic – Android App

Android navis are a dime a dozen. Besides purchasing software, Google Maps and Apple Maps are very popular. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic is completely free and quite different from the competition.

Waze App also conscientiously fulfills its primary task, navigation with voice prompts, but offers some added value: the worldwide Waze community supports each other when driving to work, to the parents, or the long weekend. Together, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic users provide each other with a wide range of real-time information on traffic jams, accidents, or speed cameras. That way, you’re always up to date.

In the test, Waze even detected a drop below the usual average speed of the selected route and independently suggested reporting a traffic jam—the more drivers on the road, the more accurate the calculation of the fastest way.

The developer suggests that you should use the app every time you drive. Because even if you don’t want to be navigated, Waze records any map deviations. So, if you drive down a new street in the neighborhood, the app reports that to the server and thus helps the community. This means that the maps are always up to date. Of course, this drains the battery.

As a passenger, you can exchange messages with other Wazers in the area and ask for a restaurant tip, for example. Funny: If you follow the suggested route, you regularly collect candies that give you points. You can compare your score with other users.
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