The new Gmail is here: Artificial intelligence does the work.

Artificial intelligence reminds you of emails

Until now, “Smart replies” were only suggested in the Gmail app, but now the web version can also present short reply texts that are tailored to the context of the email. With the “Automatic reminders” function, previously ignored emails are flushed to the top again. Another new feature is an automatic unsubscribe function for unwanted newsletters. If these are not read, Google offers a separate link to unsubscribe. You can see what this looks like in the Gmail app in the following image.

Regarding security, Google continues on its previous path and presents warnings about phishing attempts. These warnings are now much larger and highlighted in color. The wording has also been simplified and provides clear instructions at the end. Another new feature is a confidential mode in which emails can be provided with an expiration date, and an SMS code is optionally required for display.

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