Gmail for Android – e-mail app gets overdue feature

Google has added a useful function to its Gmail app for Android that makes life easier for users. For example, e-mails can be easily marked on the smartphone to move or delete them.

Gmail: Android app with new function
Google is working on a new feature for Gmail (Google Mail) that has so far only appeared in the Android variant of the e-mail service. This will improve the user experience. It is the simple ability to select multiple e-mails at once by tapping the “Select All” option in the toolbar. This feature has been available for years in the web variant of Gmail.

Marking all e-mails can be helpful in several ways. For example, all messages can be marked as read in one fell swoop. They can also be easily moved to another location within Gmail. To delete many e-mails in one go, you no longer have to tap on them individually.

The new feature has appeared in the latest beta version of the Gmail app for Android. A small detail clarifies that this still needs to be the final version. Although “Select all” is available, only a maximum of 50 e-mails are currently marked accordingly. Why Google has limited the selection to 50 e-mails needs to be clarified. This restriction does not exist when deselecting e-mails.

Gmail: When will the function be unlocked?
Since the feature is still being tested, it isn’t easy to estimate when Google will release it for all users. It remains to be seen if and when the “Select all” option will be available on iOS.

Google had thoroughly overhauled the design of Gmail over a year ago

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