Features in WhatsApp you need to know

Most people with smartphones use the messenger WhatsApp. You can send messages as text or by voice and much more. Here we have a few tips for you.

WhatsApp – Create a call link

You open WhatsApp and click on the Calls tab. There you will find the function “Create call link”.
By clicking on it, the created link will be shown as well as the info that all WhatsApp users can use this link to join the call. Furthermore, you can select the call type – video or voice call. You can send the link via WhatsApp or copy it or share it via other channels.

-Everyone can join your call via this call link. So share it only with people you trust.
-Blocked contacts can’t use your call link.
-Links will expire if they have not been used for 30 days.
-WhatsApp can revoke links for privacy and security reasons.

A call link can be used to make group calls with up to 32 people. Contacts must have a WhatsApp account but do not need to be saved in your contacts.

WhatsApp – group video calls with up to 32 people

Last year WhatsApp doubled the group chat features, and it is possible to start a video chat with up to 32 people. This can be done by setting up a call link (see above) or by making a video call in an existing group.

-Open WhatsApp
-Select the group you want to start a video call with
If there are less than 32 members, you can simply click on the video call icon in the upper right corner.
-If more than 32 people are in the group, tap on the group call icon (phone handset with a plus sign) and search for the contacts you want to join the call. Then press the video call icon
-Anyone who has received an invitation to join the call from you can join as long as the video call is active.
-You can add more people during the call with a swipe gesture from the bottom to the top. However, only a maximum of 32 people can join any time.
-You cannot remove a contact during a group video call; the contact must hang up first to disconnect.

Alternatively, you can create a group for the video call manually:

-Open WhatsApp and select a chat with someone you want to join the video call.
-Tap on the video call icon in the upper right corner.
-Once the video call is started, tap on Open and then on Add participants
-Select the contacts from the list and add them.

WhatsApp – Create a poll

The more people there are in a group, the more opinions there are about a topic, a meeting place or whatever. This can sometimes lead to long chats. Creating a poll to get many opinions to the point is easier.
Each poll can have up to 12 possible answers.

-Open the group chat on WhatsApp
-Tap on the paper clip at the bottom
-Select the Poll option from the list
-Ask a question
-Add at least two possible answers
-If you want to have more than one answer option, you have to activate the “Allow multiple answers” checkbox
-Tap on Send to place the poll in the group
-As soon as the first votes have been cast, tap on the View votes option in the poll window to see who voted and how.

WhatsApp – Share location

To share your location via WhatsApp, access the chat and tap the paperclip at the bottom.
Google Maps is integrated into WhatsApp, so your location will be determined via it.

You now have the option to share your live location, either up to date to within 10 meters
or based on different places you’ve visited or nearby from your location history.
You can share your live location for 15 minutes, one hour or 8 hours, and add a comment.

WhatsApp – Delete multiple pictures and videos at once

Because it works so efficiently, pictures and videos are sent quickly and frequently via WhatsApp. In the process, these media also quickly fill up your memory. You can delete the media one by one or several at once.

-Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
-Open the settings
-Tap on Memory and Data
-Tap on Manage storage
-Under Chats, you will find all your chats sorted by the most used memory
-You open the contact and can now either select the media one by one or select them all by tapping the box in the upper right corner.
-All media in the chat are sorted by size in descending order.
-After your selection, tap the trash can button on the top right and the media will be removed.

WhatsApp – Change the background image

To change the background image of WhatsApp in a chat, open the chat and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. Here you select Background and can now choose a background from different backgrounds of WhatsApp or from your own photos. This way it is possible to use your own backgrounds for each chat. These are only displayed for you but not for your contacts.

WhatsApp – Change chat backup settings

Your WhatsApp messages are backed up. The setup is done when you create your WhatsApp account. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to adjust the backup settings.

-You open WhatsApp
-Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
-Chat backup
-Here you can now create a backup directly by clicking on Backup

Furthermore, you can adjust your backup settings by selecting if the Backup to Google Drive should never be done, only when I tap on Backup, daily, weekly or monthly.
Furthermore, you enable end-to-end encrypted Backup in Chat Backup. This encrypts the Backup before it is uploaded to Google Drive, so neither Google nor WhatsApp can access it.
You can also select whether backups should only be made via Wi-Fi or also via mobile data.

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