Data transfer: Android to Android – this is how the transfer works

Android to Android data transfer: Use Google account backup
If you change your Android smartphone, you can use the automatic Google account backup to transfer data to the new Android device.

Ensure that the old Android device has a full battery or is connected to a charger. If you want to synchronize videos and pictures, you must back them up via the Google Photos app beforehand.

Then, open the settings, recognizable by the gear icon. Scroll down to the Google option and select it. You will then find the Backup selection option.

Now, you can use the Google One backup. It allows you to backup and synchronize data such as messages, contacts, photos, videos, and even passwords.

Check beforehand if the Google account displayed is the right one. Then click Activate and follow the on-screen instructions to start the backup. The backup may take a long time, depending on the amount of data.

After the backup, start the new smartphone and log in with your Google account for the first time. Then click Start to begin the file synchronization.
You may have to enter a WiFi connection now. Then select the No cable? Option. Click Okay to start the synchronization.

The on-screen instructions will then guide you through the transfer of the backed-up data. After that, you can use your new smartphone with the old data. You will still need to download and set up apps manually.

Android to Android: Manual data transfer
Using multiple Android smartphones simultaneously makes data transfer possible via other methods.

You can remove the SD card of the smartphone and put it into the other one. In this way, data can be transferred from the memory card to the smartphone’s internal memory.
Transfer the desired data to the PC. Then, you can drag them from the PC to the other Android smartphone.
Use cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox to transfer data between Android smartphones. For this, you need an account to enable data transfer.
Pair your smartphones with each other via Bluetooth. This makes data transfer possible in smaller quantities, for example, if you want to transfer images or a PDF.

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