3 messengers that can be used without a cell phone number


One messenger that does not require a cell phone number is the Swiss open-source messenger Wire. It is also considered a secure messenger since all messages and data are encrypted end-to-end. In the meantime, entering a phone number is optional; registration can also be done via email address. It is also possible to create a Wire account via the website.

With Wire, like other messengers, you can send photos and texts, attach files, paint and send pictures, share your location, or ping the other user. Furthermore, groups can be created, and video and VoIP calls can be made. It is also possible to set a time for messages to disappear.
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Another messenger that can be used completely anonymously is Threema. Neither a phone number nor an email address is necessary for registration. After registration, each user receives a randomly generated ID. Threema manages all your data directly on the smartphone. Delivered messages are deleted immediately, and local data is stored on the smartphone in encrypted form. The key is also generated directly on the smartphone.

To register, click on the “Set up Threema” button. Move your finger over the visible number and letter field to generate a random code. Once the ID is created, click on the arrow button to enter a nickname. Optionally, it is now possible to link your cell phone number or email address with Threema and then synchronize contacts.

Threema offers three security levels to connect with contacts. There are three dots behind each contact. Green means the highest security level, as the contact was added via QR code. Two yellow dots indicate a contact that you have synchronized. A red dot indicates that you entered the ID manually.

Like other messengers, Threema can be used to send texts, pictures, and videos. Voice and video telephony is also possible. Threema can also be used on the web.
Like other messengers, Threema can be used to send texts, pictures, and videos. Voice and video telephony is also possible. Threema can also be used on the web.
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Private Messenger Session has the usual chat functions. You can send voice messages, gifs, data, and photos. Group chats are also possible.

When you use Session for the first time, you create a session ID. This ID is the only way for people to contact you. It is a 66-digit combination of numbers and letters, which you first copy by clicking on Copy. Then click on Continue and enter a name for the ad.
This can be your real name or an alias name. Furthermore, you specify how Session should inform you about new messages (Fast Mode <- recommended or Slow Mode). After that, the setup is done, and you can start your first session. Either by sharing your ID now (sending can be done through existing channels) or by scanning a QR code of another user.
Group chats can currently take place with up to 10 people. The messenger can also be used via the desktop.

Session is easy to set up and fulfills a secure messenger’s functions. What the app cannot do, however, is video calling.
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Logging in to a messenger via email address is simple and works without any problems. However, there is no synchronization with the phone contacts on your smartphone, so you have to enter your contacts manually. The advantage, however, is that your cell phone number (and thus your associated identity) remains private, and devices without a SIM card can also use a messenger.

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