Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl

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AAAHHH! Although you may be surrounded by zombies and aren’t one of them, it is not true that you are among them. It’s time to get rid of those boring monsters from your life. There are no rules, just fun, hardcore, and tons of donuts that your enemies drop.

You can fight the zombies but you’re not the only one who survives. Other players dream of donuts and are preparing to use perks against them. Do not hesitate to use a perk and watch your opponents be devoured by zombies!

Donut Punks MOBA is for the most clever. This action-adventure shooter will make you a PvP & PvE expert. You can crush the bungling zombies to unlock your inner potential.

Get ready for action-packed battles
? With friends, you can play real-time PvP or PvE matches. Use your cunning to crush zombies, gather donuts, and defeat your opponents. They want your trophies!
? There are many crazy characters waiting for you. You can choose any of them, and learn new skills to create your own strategy!
? Zombies can be both dumb and vicious. Each one has its own special attacks and some even drop unique loot.
? Start a multiplayer Donut Hunt. You can have up to four people participate, but each person is responsible for his own donut hunt. Collect as many zombies as possible.
? Start your own ColleXion. Play a coop match with your opponent and give the collectors donuts before the opposition.
? The power of Hardcore! You can test your nerves and shoot your way through a fight with the most irritable zombies on the planet.

While coop battles in real-time with friends are great, don’t forget about to improve your game.
? Donut Pass. You will get special bonuses for persevering in multiplayer battles. Donut Pass is a great place to log in more often, and you will be able to receive all the rewards for the season.
?Collect Trophies. You can unlock new characters or new modes by winning.
? Customize! You will be blown away by the variety of skins we offer.

Remember, you aren’t a zombie as long you stay cool, fresh, and reckless. You are a lucky person!

The unique shooter can be downloaded online for free. However, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. You can set a password to prevent this feature from being used in your device settings.

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