YouTube makes advertising even longer – but not for all users

YouTube is revising its advertising concept for certain viewers: according to Google, fewer but longer commercial breaks will improve the streaming experience. The advertising between YouTube shorts is also being changed. However, the advertising offensive does not affect all YouTube users equally.

YouTube on TV: Longer ads, but less often

YouTube has changed its advertising strategy for TV viewers. The video platform is now focusing on longer but less frequent ad breaks. According to Google, this step follows tests that have been running since September and are now being implemented on all TV devices. With this step, YouTube is increasing its focus on advertising revenue, which was also made clear by the introduction of 30-second commercials without a skip option.

In addition to the changes to regular videos, YouTube is now also introducing advertising in its YouTube Shorts, which are played on television. This decision may be met with displeasure by some users but is in line with the existing advertising strategy on mobile devices and desktops.

YouTube harasses users with ad blockers

Google has recently stepped up the fight against ad blockers on its video platform. Users sometimes see messages stating that “ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube.” At the same time, YouTube refers users to the ad-free YouTube Premium, which costs around $14 per month.

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