Why Smartphone Before Bed Is Bad

We’re certain you know what we have to say about this subject. You just have to hear it. You need to hear it over and over. It doesn’t matter how many times we say it or write it. We need to hear it or read it.

You enjoy laying down in bed and scrolling through social media or shopping on Amazon. You should get rid of your Amazon addiction. It is likely adding to your debt.

Smartphones are affecting your sleep, which is the problem with all this. Sleep is an important topic. Quality sleep can help you fight cancer. This is just one reason that sleep is vital for our health and well-being.

The situation is worse for those living in technology-rich western countries. More than a third of Americans don’t get the recommended 7 hour sleep per night.

This is a huge issue.

Yes, it’s more than just a correlation as the paragraph above shows. It points to a growing epidemic in which people aren’t getting enough sleep. As technology continues to take over our lives, things are not getting any better.

Talking on the phone before bed can discourage and inhibit healthy sleep. These are the facts. It’s science, folks.

The core problem is that we are all dependent on our smartphones. If you are a parent, your smartphone may be used more in bed because you view it as a reward for not using it as often during the day (due, perhaps, to parenting).

A smart device placed in bed is also considered relaxing. The truth is that your brain is being fed anti-sleep content by the device and all its content. It gets worse: the more screentime you spend in bed , the less it affects your sleep.

What can we do about smartphones and sleep?

Because we all know what’s ahead, I won’t waste any time on this Captain Obvious moment. Your smart devices should be used less as you near sleep time. You can also wind down by doing other things.


Read (yes, on a book and no tech device).

Meditation promotes healthy sleeping. It’s more than just a replacement for sleep, but it actually promotes better sleep.

If you want to get good sleep, don’t put your feet too close to the bed. Beyond that, it is important to look for preoccupations that aren’t tied to a screen.

Smartphone addiction is the bigger problem. This addiction must be stopped. Smartphone overuse can cause serious health problems, including posture and sleep disorders, even if it isn’t at bedtime. Smartphones have made it possible to access many conveniences and enhance our education. However, there is a limit to how much you can have of a good thing.

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