WhatsApp with a new feature – How to send instant video messages

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that has already reached some beta testers. The Video Instant Messages feature will soon be available for all users.

WhatsApp Video Instant Messages – Instant Video Messages with 60 Seconds Messages

Anyone using WhatsApp knows they can send text and voice messages (also via status). Voice messages are as popular as athlete’s foot for some users because they like to mutate into a kind of podcast.

Another new feature has been announced in a WhatsApp blog post: Instant Video Messages.

It is an extension of voice messages and, thus a new way to communicate and exchange with contacts.

A Video Instant Message is a maximum of 60 seconds long and is a real-time response to a chat.

How does recording and sending a video instant message on WhatsApp work?
Sending a video instantaneously is just as easy as sending a voice message.

Where the button for recording the voice message is located, a long tap on it will allow you to switch to video mode. To record your video instant message, press and hold the button. Swipe to lock the video mode. The recording is hands-free. This function is also known as voice messages. A progress bar shows how long the video recording has been running. Before you send the video message, you can view it again. Captioning is also possible.

Playing videos in the chat is automatic and without sound. The sound starts only when you tap on the video in the chat.

The video instant messages are end-to-end encrypted so that your messages remain private and secure.

Furthermore, the video instant messages have a time limit of 60 seconds so as not to strain the nerves of their recipients 😉

Currently, beta users are testing the video instant messages. However, the rollout to all users will follow soon.

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