WhatsApp vs. Signal: The ultimate comparison

The chat app Signal takes on the popular WhatsApp messenger. We pit the two apps against each other in a direct comparison.

WhatsApp and Signal function in comparison

While Signal stood next to WhatsApp with only a few functions a few years ago, it now offers a perfect alternative that additionally scores with data protection and privacy.

In terms of operation, the two apps are similar. The functions for sending messages, pictures, and videos and making phone calls are mostly the same.

Both apps also allow sending voice messages, GIFs, contacts, and your location.

Signal has also caught up a lot in the settings in the meantime. Features like changing background pictures, blocking contacts, and a backup function are now available in Signal.

However, changing your phone number is more challenging in Signal than in WhatsApp since you do not automatically notify all your contacts or remain in your groups. You must inform the groups and ask them to add you again afterward.

Unlike WhatsApp, other features not available on Signal are stories and automatic cloud backups of your chats.

Unlike WhatsApp, however, Signal does offer its exciting features. For example, it is possible to respond to messages with emojis, as is known from Instagram.

You can also automatically detect faces in pictures and have them pixelated if you want to make them unrecognizable. Self-deleting messages are also possible in Signal.

WhatsApp vs. Signal – Messenger security

Signal: Here, all chats and calls are encrypted. The encryption code is visible online for everyone. This guarantees transparent security. With end-to-end encryption, the messages on your device are sent encrypted via Signal’s servers and only decrypted again at the recipient’s end.

In the settings under “Privacy,” you can activate screenshot protection, an incognito keyboard, indirect calls, and more.

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WhatsApp: WhatsApp has also been focusing more on data protection and encrypting all messages. Nevertheless, it continues to be criticized because a lot of data is still stored on Facebook servers, and there is no complete transparency.

Signal is currently one of the most secure messengers for iOS and Android. With end-to-end encryption, your data is very secure by today’s standards.

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WhatsApp vs. Signal – Who wins?

While Signal could only score with security a few years ago, it now offers almost every WhatsApp feature and more.

If you can do without some security, data protection, and privacy, you will stay with WhatsApp. However, Signal is superior to WhatsApp regarding data protection and is free of charge. Donations finance the development.

Secure and relatively widespread alternatives are the free Telegram and the paid app Threema. Here, your chats are encrypted, just like with Signal.

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