WhatsApp steps up a gear: Group chats get an ingenious function with which you no longer forget anything

New features are regularly added to WhatsApp. Only some of them are useful and please all users. This could be different from the group chat feature that has now been discovered. With it, group members will no longer forget any event or appointment.

WhatsApp gets scheduling
I’m sure all of you have experienced this. You want to make a date with your friends and discuss back and forth in the group chat. Something has been arranged at some point, but only some have noticed or can remember it. Very few people save appointments in their calendars. This is precisely where WhatsApp is supposed to remedy the situation. According to WABetaInfo, the messenger is working on an event function.

In the future, a member can create an event in the group to remind all other members of the appointment. This is how the planning should look like:

For example, if you and your friends have agreed on a movie night, you can record it as an event in the group chat. You can enter a name and a description for the event and set the date and time. In addition, you can also enter the location so that you can see the address and navigate there directly when you are reminded. You can also schedule a video call for final details.

A new WhatsApp function is under development
Currently, the event function is in the beta phase and can only be tried out by very few users. WhatsApp is still working on it and will hopefully release the feature soon.

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