WhatsApp – Edit sent messages

WhatsApp is always testing new features in the beta channel. Some of them make it into the final version like editing already sent messages, which has now been announced in the blog.

WhatsApp – How to edit sent messages
Writing and sending messages on WhatsApp is done quickly. Meanwhile, it is also possible to delete messages that the recipient has not yet read or to delete messages just for yourself. Messages that you have deleted for yourself can also be undeleted.

In the blog and via Facebook, the editing of already sent messages has now been announced. The feature is currently being rolled out and should be available to all users next week. Signal and Telegram have offered such a function for quite some time.

Editing after the fact is for when you’ve made a mistake or just want to change your mind, add more context, and some more.

Editing works quite simply. You tap and hold on a sent message, then select Edit from the open menu. However, editing is only available 15 minutes after sending a message.

Edited messages are also displayed as “edited.” This informs the recipient that you have changed the message again. An edit history is not available. Like all messages, edited messages are end-to-end encrypted.

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