WhatsApp: Deactivate blue hooks – this is how it works

You can disable the blue check marks on WhatsApp in just a few steps. These actually indicate when the recipient has read a message.

Android: Disable WhatsApp blue check marks

The blue check marks next to a message on WhatsApp are read confirmation. Thus, the two gray check marks turn blue when a message has been read. You can turn off the function in a few steps.

Open WhatsApp and tap “Settings” – “Account” at the top right via the three dots.

Now tap on the menu item “Privacy”

Here you will find the item “Read receipts”. Tap on the switch to deactivate the function

Please note, however, that you will not receive read receipts from all recipients when the function is deactivated. In groups, however, read receipts are always sent.

WhatsApp: Disable read receipt on iOS

On iOS, you can turn off the feature as follows:
Open the WhatsApp settings via the gear icon in the lower right corner
Tap on “Account” and then on “Privacy”
Here you can turn off the switch at item “Read receipts”

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