WhatsApp – Chat Lock is introduced

The messenger WhatsApp launches a new feature every now and then. Just recently, linked devices were introduced, which allow you to use WhatsApp on up to 4 other devices. Now the chat lock has been announced.

WhatsApp – announcement of the Chat Lock
Since 2019, it has been possible to lock your complete WhatsApp chats using your fingerprint. WhatsApp has now introduced the chat lock to hide individual chats behind a lock. This offers additional protection for your very personal conversations.

When you lock a chat, it will be moved from your inbox to a separate folder. You can only open this separate folder with your device password (a separate password will also be possible later) or with your biometric data. The chat content is also automatically hidden in the notifications.

According to WhatsApp, this feature is particularly suitable for people who occasionally leave their smartphones in the hands of others.

Locking a chat is done by tapping on the contact or group’s name. Then select the “Lock” option. Opening chats locked in this way is done by slowly dragging down the inbox and entering your device password or using your biometric unlock method.

In the coming months, there are also plans to make chat lock work on companion devices as well as create a custom password.

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