What is “Single Take” in the Samsung Photos app?

Samsung has a function called “Single Take” in the camera app of current Galaxy smartphones. How does it work, what can you do with it, and can “Single Take” be deactivated?

“Single Take” is a camera mode that was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S20. It is available for both photos and videos. Artificial intelligence is used for this.

“Single Take”: Multiple photos and videos with one shot

“Single Take” is a mode that creates up to 10 different photos and 4 videos from a single shot. This means you only have to press the shutter button once, and the result gives you several subjects to choose from. This allows you to choose the best shot from a snapshot. The feature is useful, for example, when people close their eyes in photos or look strange at a specific moment. The mode also offers several shots from which you can choose the best for fast-paced action scenes.

Various settings can be made for the alternative single-take images. For example, you can set a period of up to 15 seconds in which the alternative images are created. You can also activate the “Best moments” feature for photos, create ultra-wide-angle shots, and activate AI filters.

How to activate the function:

  • Open the camera app on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  • You will find various recording options in the menu bar at the bottom. Select the “Single Take” entry here to activate it.
  • Then press the arrow at the top right to activate various recording options.
  • Tap the shutter button to take the shot.
  • Move your camera slightly so that the subjects are displayed at different angles.
  • The “Single Take” recording is completed after the set time. You can now see the various shots in the preview.
  • There, you can select the best motifs and save them. You can also find all the shots in the gallery. The number of available motifs depends on how long the “Single Take” was set for.

Single-take mode cannot be deleted for recordings. However, you can remove the function from the camera bar. To do this, tap “More” in the menu bar on the right and then search for the entry to remove it. If single-take mode is missing from your camera features, add it using the plus symbol.

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