This is how Spotify works

You’ll find one of the most extensive music archives on the Web on Spotify. The music is accessible to anyone who signs up for Spotify. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a free or a paid Premium account. Because with both accounts, you’ll have the possibility to search, listen, and share music.

Spotify is a platform where you can manage your favorite music. The legal music database lets you find, listen to, and share your music with other users. You’ll also create playlists here, have access to the Spotify app and manage your music archive. In addition, you can also download music to listen to the songs offline.

Search music on Spotify
Spotify makes it pleasantly easy to search for music: Enter the name of the song you want and the artist’s name in the box at the top left.
In the overview below, you will find the five most searched hits, concerts, and albums. The tab Similar artists refers to artists related to your search word. The Biography tab displays the artist’s musical history and a photo.

There are several million music tracks in the catalog. Besides, you have the option to create playlists.

Share music with other users
Share your favorite songs easily with other people. Select the song, click the right button, and press Share.

Sharing also works via the song’s HTTP link or directly via the album: all you need to do is right-click on a song within the album, copy the HTTP link, and send it via email or chat.

Add Friends
If you have linked your Facebook profile to Spotify, all your Facebook contacts will automatically appear in the Friends list in the Follow tab. In addition, the music you’re listening to is automatically published to your Wall.
If you have not linked Facebook and Spotify or want to add a contact who does not use Facebook, it is still possible to add them to your contact list. To do this, all you need is the username.

Edit profile and Account
When you click on your username, the Profile field appears in the top right corner of the user interface. This will take you to the settings of your public profile. There, you can also see and manage the people you follow. You also have an overview of who is following you here. Your contacts, in turn, can access your public playlists and see what you’ve listened to recently.

If you click on your username and then on Account…, the page where you manage personal data, messages, and passwords will open in the browser.

Songs in the queue
Spotify gives you the chance to create impromptu playlists. Just right-click on a song and select the Add to Queue option. Already, the playlist will play the songs one by one.

Spotify lets you sync your music and playlists with any of your devices.

Thanks to the Spotify mobile app, the synchronization is done with a USB cable or Wi-Fi network. Here, all devices involved must use the same network.

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