Telegram – Cut and send videos

The chat app Telegram not only sends messages and pictures – videos can also be sent via the WhatsApp alternative. With an editing function, you can get the clips into the right format before sending them.

Short videos can be shot quickly with modern smartphones. Before sending the moving images with the Telegram messenger, you can edit the clip directly in the app and also compress it.

Record a video or select a ready clip

To send a video with Telegram:

  1. Click on the paperclip icon in the bottom right corner of the chat and select video.
  2. If you want to record the video, tap on the Video camera.
  3. If you’re going to send a saved video, pick Documents and choose a movie from the gallery.

Trim, compress, and send video

Now the editing function appears in Telegram: Using the timeline, you can change the start and end points of the video by dragging the slider to the appropriate place. Telegram displays the respective video section in the preview.

Especially with large video files, it is recommended to compress the clip before sending it. To do this, a blue checkmark must be activated before the Compress video menu item. Convenient: Telegram displays the resolution and approximate file size of the video.

Once you have finished editing the video, you can send it by tapping the checkmark icon in the upper right corner.

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