Tamagotchi cat: Always on the go with Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is similar to the original Talking Tom Cat but offers more possibilities. Tom continues to repeat everything the user says into the cell phone. In addition, My Talking Tom brings further elements: You play mini-games with Tom, change his outfit, choose his food, or redesign the house.

You can now also record videos of your virtual pet in My Talking Tom and share them with the world. However, this function is limited to Android devices with version 4.1 or higher of the operating system.

The player buys new items with virtual currency, which can be earned or purchased via an in-app purchase. Reaching new game levels in My Talking Tom unlocks additional goods for purchase.

Tom has needs
Like the Tamagotchi app Pou, you must watch the animals’ needs in My Talking Tom: entertainment, food, toileting, and tiredness. To do this, you monitor several displays at the bottom of the screen and replenish the needs through specific actions.

My Talking Tom’s graphics and overall presentation have remained the same since Talking Tom Cat 2. The cat looks the same, and the voice hasn’t changed either.

The latest version of My Talking Tom brings the new mini-game 2048, new clothes, and ten new levels. Also new: Tom needs the bedside lamp on before he can get a good night’s sleep. My Talking Tom now offers 999 levels and an improved user interface.

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