Snapchat: Green & yellow dot – what does it mean?

If you browse the Snapchat menus, you may see a yellow dot on your profile picture or a green circle on your contacts. What do these dots mean?

The green dot will appear on your friend’s profile picture, while the yellow one will be visible on yours.

What the green dot means
You can see the green dot on the right under the profile picture of Snapchat friends. The display has a slightly different meaning than in messenger services such as Facebook or Instagram.

-The green dot in Snapchat indicates that the contact has been online on Snapchat in the last 24 hours.
-Unlike other apps, the green circle does not indicate that a person is currently online. It does not indicate that the user is “live” on Snapchat but has only opened the app once in the last day.

You can prevent the online status from being displayed on your profile picture. How to deactivate the green dot:

-Press the gear icon in Snapchat.
-Go to the settings.
-Scroll down to the “Privacy control” section.
-Open the “Activity indicator” section.
-Deactivate the option so that your online status is no longer displayed to others.

This is what the yellow dot means

-The yellow dot appears when new notifications appear in your Snapchat account.
-This can be various types of information. For example, the yellow circle appears when you have received a new friend request, someone has responded to your story, or an unopened Snap is waiting for you. The dot will also appear if someone has taken a screenshot of your Snapchat content.
-You can tap it to go directly to the news.
-The yellow dot disappears as soon as you have viewed all unread and unopened content.

Tip: Sometimes, a yellow dot does not appear directly in Snapchat but in the top right-hand corner of the smartphone screen. This is an indication that an app wants to access your microphone. It appears, for example, when you send a voice message.

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