Signal without a phone number: How it works with user names

“Signal” is one of the most popular messenger apps for Android and iOS. If you create an account, you have to enter your cell phone number. You will soon be able to use Signal without a phone number and select a user name instead.

Signal without a phone number only via detours
There is not yet a simple and direct way to register with Signal without a cell phone number. A completely anonymous registration with just a user name was not planned by the creators. However, a corresponding function is to be added at a later date. This should make it possible to hide the phone number so that it can no longer be found. The feature is currently in a test phase and will be rolled out to all users in early 2024. Interested users can already take part in the test. More information can be found in the Signal forum. However, a mobile phone number is still required for registration.

If you don’t want to enter your cell phone number with the service or want to create a second account, you have to take a small detour:

-If you still have a landline phone, enter this number instead of the cell phone number. Normally you will receive a text message for verification, but you can also make a computer call to your landline. You will receive a code that you enter in the Signal app when you log in.

-Alternatively, you can get a new SIM card with a new number that you only use for registration.

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