Set up “Google Family Group”: How and what does it do?

With a Google account, you can create a “family group.” This allows you to share various services of the company with other users. For example, you can save on the cost of Google One access, apps, and movies. How do you create a family in your Google account and add users to the group?

The fastest and easiest way to create and manage the family group is in the browser on the PC. To do so, click on this link.

Here’s how to make a family group on Google:

  • Open the page for “Your family on Google” in your browser
  • Log in with the Google account that will manage the group
  • After logging in, you can add new members to the family using the button. The invitees also need a Google account. You can invite other users using their e-mail address
  • The participant will receive an e-mail with the invitation
  • In the message, there is a link. Once selected, you can accept the invitation

Up to 5 participants can be invited to a family group, of which a maximum of 2 users can be given administrator rights. These must be at least 18 years old and can edit the group, invite new members or remove existing participants.

An administrator must specify a payment method that will be used to settle Google Play purchases in the family group. Purchase permissions can be set up so that only some group members can spend money just like that. The settings are made on the main page for the family. All users can also “leave the family group” by selecting the option at the very bottom.

Benefits of the Google Family Group

Within the group, you cannot access the personal data of the other account members or change anything. The function is intended for sharing various content once paid for with other users – similar to “family sharing” at Apple. This data can be shared in the family group:

  • A “family calendar” can be created, in which important dates such as birthdays or joint plans can be entered together
  • You can access the cheaper family access to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music (more about the costs and benefits)
  • The cloud storage in Google One can also be shared with family members
  • Via the “Google Play Family” feature, apps and other Google Play media that have been purchased once can be shared with other group members. Apps, therefore, only have to be paid for once. This also applies to purchased movies, series, books, audiobooks, and music. To do this, you have to set up the family media library, to which you add individual content. This can be done via this link
  • With the “Family Link” function, parents can set up restrictions for children’s smartphones. For example, certain content can be blocked, and the time spent in front of the screen can be controlled.

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