3 new apps coming to Samsung Galaxy Watch

Rejoice, Galaxy Watch lovers. There’s three new apps coming your way and their pretty exciting.

Samsung Galaxy Watch users are on the brink of being able to use a few new apps on their smartwatch devices before summer’s up. When the incoming update finally hits watches, users will find WhatsApp, Samsung Wallet, and Thermo Check.

Let’s begin with Samsung Wallet, which is now a combination of Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, and Samsung Blockchain.

The new wallet that combines payments and IDs is an all encompassing feature that allows users to make payments, or show ID, or even display their concert and sports tickets.

The wallet will store payment cards, memberships, gift cards, digital keys, boarding passes, you name it. It’s a robust application.

Samsung Wallet is actually pretty dope.

Your Samsung Pass information previously stored is automatically ported over to the new Samsung Wallet. There’s a lot of customization opportunities, including setting your default card. You can also set it to display on every home screen if you like.

Thermo Check is an incredibly innovative app that taps into Samsung’s skin temperature API. Using an infared beam, the Thermo Check app can determine temperature. So yes, chefs, you can determine how hot or cold your food is. Now, let’s be clear, this isn’t used to determine internal meat temperature. But wanna know how cold the water is? Thermo Check’s got you.

The new WhatsApp app will allow users to continue conversations and leverage voice technology.

The big summer expansion by Samsung rolls out soon. So for those of you excited to check the temp of the pool water before you dive in, you’ll only need to wait a tad bit longer.

The official livestream is already, well, live.

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