The free game Roblox is visually a mixture of Lego and Minecraft.
But the game has many more creative possibilities than the popular brick adventure.
In this virtual universe, only your imagination is the limit.
Enjoy the tensions of a creative universe and team up with other players to unleash your creativity in a vibrant community.

Roblox: Free games collection for download

Just like in Minecraft, in Roblox, you can design your own space as you like and create your worlds out of cuboids. Before you start, however, a short registration on the game’s page is necessary.

After you register on the site, you can access other game rooms in Roblox.
Here you will find countless projects implemented by the community, which you can also start from the Roblox page. For example, there is a simulator where you have to run a fast food outlet.

In the store, you can buy different cosmetic items for your avatar for real money,
but these aren’t necessary to have fun with Roblox.

Get ready for this epic RPG adventure as you explore millions of worlds. Compete against other rivals worldwide or just chill and chat with them (via private or group messages). You can say goodbye to boredom because there is always something new and exciting for you every day.

You can unleash your creativity and show off the unique style you have in mind. Customize every aspect of your avatar, from your face, eye color, equipment, etc. There is an ever-expanding item catalog that you can explore that has no limit to how you look.

How successful is Roblox?

Roblox was first released in September 2006 and, according to its information, currently has more than 164 million monthly active players.

Download Roblox

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